Sandil Srinivasan in an exclusive Interview with StartUp Story

Sandil Interview Startup Story

DataNimbus, led by visionary Sandil Srinivasan, stands out as a true innovator, redefining payment journeys for exceptional experiences. Established in 2018, the company’s flagship product, DataNimbus FinHub, envisions simplified and accessible payment architecture. 

Global Growth: From automating escrow processes to a global footprint across 10+ countries, DataNimbus processed 1 million transactions in under 20 minutes in 2021. The flagship product, FinHub, envisions accessible, fast, and cost-effective payment architecture.

Navigating Trends: DataNimbus leads the way in addressing industry disruptions—frictionless payments, AI, and ML resurgence. Composability, likened to composing music, allows nuanced customization without extensive software redevelopment.

Global Expansion: The U.S. market and real-time payments are on DataNimbus’s radar, with an eye on emerging trends in India’s corporate banking transactions. Sandil emphasizes fearlessness and thinking differently for success.

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