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Empower Innovation

Instantly Expose and Share Data as APIs to Drive Seamless Integration and Development.

Empower Innovation
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Unleash Data's Possibilities

Convert Your Information into Dynamic APIs for Swift Integration and Accessibility.

Unleash Datas Possibilities
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Data Unchained

Fuel Application Ecosystems by Enabling Effortless Data Sharing through Custom APIs.

Data Unchained API



Real-time Accessibility

Instantly access up-to-date data through APIs, enabling timely decision-making and agile responses to changes. Ensure robust user access controls for secure data access.


Seamless Integration

APIs provide a bridge between applications, systems, and platforms, ensuring effortless data flow across your ecosystem. Implement real-time data streaming for enhanced connectivity.

Efficient Governance


Tailor APIs to deliver specific data subsets, allowing partners and developers to access exactly what they need. Implement data accessibility controls for secure and controlled data access.

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Innovation Catalyst

By exposing data through APIs, you empower developers to create new applications, features, and services that leverage your data. Provide comprehensive API documentation portal for easy developer understanding.

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Enhanced Collaboration

APIs foster collaboration by enabling teams to share and integrate data seamlessly, breaking down data silos and boosting productivity. Implement automated data cleansing for enhanced data quality.

Use Cases

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Smart Building Insights

A building management company provides energy consumption data via APIs to tenants. This allows tenants to monitor and optimize their energy usage, contributing to sustainability and cost savings.


Product Catalog Integration

An e-commerce platform makes its product catalog data available via APIs to affiliate partners. These partners can seamlessly integrate the catalog into their websites, ensuring up-to-date product listings and information.


Remote Patient Monitoring

A healthcare provider exposes patient health data through APIs to wearable device manufacturers. These devices can access vital signs and health metrics, enabling remote patient monitoring and timely interventions.


Data Integration Hub

Seamlessly aggregate data from diverse sources for centralized management and analysis.

Automated Data Cleansing

Identify and rectify errors in real-time, ensuring data accuracy.

Flexible Data Mapping

Easily map and transform data fields to fit specific integration needs.

Scheduled Data Flows

Set up automated data synchronization and updates on a customizable schedule.

Data Governance Toolkit

Define and enforce data quality, security, and compliance rules.

Real-time Data Streaming

Enable continuous data flow between systems for instant updates.

API Endpoint Customization

Tailor APIs to provide specific subsets of data for diverse use cases.

API Documentation Portal

Provide clear instructions and examples for easy API consumption.

User Access Controls

Define roles and permissions to manage who can access and modify data.

Case Study

Large global banks needed a robust payments platform to structure multi-party payment
contracts and automate collections + payouts at a web-scale for high-velocity payments. Click here to read more on how DataNimbus supported the client