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Digital first banking

Digital first banking products
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Seamless APIs and intelligent solutions for modern ledgers

Seamless APIs and intelligent solutions


Empower customers with swift closed loop wallet opening in matter of few minutes
Automated KYC: Balancing Volume and Compliance
Manage fiat as well as non-fiat like digital currency wallets
Limits and multiple balances for each ledger

Use Cases

Digital First banking products
Neo bank accounts

A multi-currency, multi-level hierarchy for neo bank accounts, providing an advanced structure to cater to diverse financial needs. Real-time APIs empower efficient management of these accounts, ensuring swift and accurate transactions. With a comprehensive interface, it offers a unified perspective of cash, optimizing liquidity management processes.

Digital wallets

Platform facilitates seamless management of customer wallets, enabling effortless payments and fund transfers. Through APIs, the process of creating digital wallets is streamlined, simplifying onboarding. These wallets operate with multi-currency capabilities, enhancing their versatility. Additionally, the system allows for merchant reserve allocation based on risk assessment for refunds and chargebacks, ensuring a secure and balanced financial environment.

Banking as a service platform

Leveraging FinHub platform, you can transform banking capabilities into APIs for monetization. This approach opens avenues to provide digital-first financial products and services, expanding offerings and reaching a broader customer base.

Balance building

Our solution empowers to APIfy balance data, simplifying access and integration. It also facilitates intricate balance calculations, supporting advanced financial computations. Furthermore, this functionality opens doors for data monetization, unlocking new value from balance information.

create and manage products

Case Study

Enhancing payment processes for a healthtech startup, our Wallet solution integrated with Stripe, optimized practitioner commissions, and offered seamless customer onboarding.