API & Integration
Domain driven microservice based API’s designed scalability, low latency, high throughput coupled with enterprise grade security.

Business Challenges

Integration Complexity

Difficulties when integrating diverse applications and systems, resulting in time-consuming and error-prone integration processes.

Scalability Bottlenecks

Traditional monolithic API’s often struggle to handle unexpected surges in user loads, leading to performance bottlenecks and downtimes, inhibiting business growth.

Deployment Hurdles

APIs lack portability across infrastructures, complicating the adoption of Cloud or infrastructure upgrades.

Data Management

Microservices often have their own databases or data stores, posing difficulties in maintaining data consistency and integrity across services. Implementing transactions and handling data synchronization gets complex over time.


With many distributed services across the transaction lifecycle, comprehensive end to end monitoring and troubleshooting becomes challenging.


Advisory on API Architecture

Leveraging domain-driven design principles to organize APIs into microservices

Cloud native Microservice development with fault tolerance, resilience and scalability

Observability for each API at lowest level of granularity using

Solution Principles