Embedded Finance

Enhance embedded finance encounters using our AI-powered, modular solution, seamlessly integrating within your banking environment

Embedded Finance
Fragmented Processes

Business Challenges


Embracing financial services as a service can be intricate and time-intensive. Varied technologies, data formats, and integration approaches result in delays and management complexities. Managing diverse payment methods and currencies further complicates and extends time-to-market.

Scalability and Performance

The solution's expansion brings forth the challenge of effectively managing unforeseen surges in transaction volume while maintaining optimal performance.

Fragmented Processes

Dealing with distinct business processes tailored to each partner poses difficulties in creation, upkeep, and sustainability.

Data Complexity

Managing partner-specific data and intricate payment patterns becomes progressively complex as time goes on.

Security and Privacy

The handling of sensitive financial and personal data introduces potential security and privacy vulnerabilities.


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Streamlined Integration

Constructed upon open banking standards, offering support for multiple patterns and message formats. Effortlessly integrates with various payment channels.


Scalability Envisioned

Engineered with cloud-native architecture, harnessing auto-scaling capabilities. Embraces microservices and containerization for modular scalability. Continuously monitor system performance, optimizing resource allocation as needed.

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Efficient Process Oversight

Empower with a DIY toolkit for designing, developing, managing, and monitoring business processes and orchestration.

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Consistent Data Framework

Establish a universal, industry-standard data model, ensuring uniformity, coherence, and operational ease.

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Security-First Approach

Embed end-to-end encryption, secure data storage, and multi-factor authentication. Facilitate security audits and penetration testing. Uphold compliance with data protection regulations as mandated by specific country laws.


Harnessing AI Advancements

Leverage state-of-the-art AI models throughout onboarding, fraud monitoring, and offering personalized recommendations for optimal actions.