Redefining Financial Excellence

Unleash New Possibilities with Smart, Automated Financial Operations

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Business Outcomes

Configurable payouts (POBO)

Flexible funding payouts in the digital commerce ecosystem, including merchant settlement, payment/ payfac aggregation, supply chain finance, commission payouts.

Smart collections (COBO)

Routing of inward payments to appropriate collections based on BIC/VA identifier/construct, orchestration of collection validations, real-time settlement and/or hold in an FBO.

Escrow Automation

Automating complex escrow structures with budgets, scheduled instructions and document tracking

Corporate To Bank

Configurable data-exchange platform that enables financial institutions, partners, and corporations to connect to each other seamlessly with files and APIs.

Virtual Ledgers

Liquidity management on one physical account e.g. (sub-account/sub-ledger hierarchy), wallet as a service, reserves management, balance building

Recon Automation

Rule driven recon between banks, ISVs, merchants, PayFacs, clearing systems, etc. with manual/automatic repair and real-time granular visibility of transactions and fragments (tranches)


Enhance regulatory adherence and risk mitigation through automated monitoring or integration with existing compliance platforms; and customized reporting capabilities.


Seamlessly integrate and compose various components to tailor the platform to business needs, enabling agility and innovation.

Billing and Pricing Engine

Simplify billing processes and optimize pricing strategies with a robust engine for accurate and efficient revenue management.


Escrow Automation

End to end escrow automation functionality, from contract management to transaction and party execution. Stitched together upstream and downstream API journeys to integrate with the bank’s core systems and automate accounting. Automated reconciliation, budget tracking and reporting including offering lean operations teams the ability to manage exceptions

Digital Escrows

Platform that helps the bank to manage virtual ledgers tagged to an monitored account belonging to the FinTech and enable transaction ledgers for counterparties. Ability to trigger the milestone linked payouts. The solution offers a comprehensive set of APIs for seamless onboarding of counterparties, initiating transactions, and facilitating milestone payouts. These APIs are consumed by the FinTechs and used to provide new products in the market including innovative alternate offerings to traditional LCs

Centralized SI Mandate and Management Hub

Orchestrate payments into a unified repository with seamless reconciliation, while registering and validating mandates before initiating auto-payments. Utilize a visual mapper to configure and securely exchange data flows, and leverage a comprehensive dashboard for the Operations team to monitor files, APIs, and agents effectively.

Remittance Hub

Modern solution designed to facilitate efficient inward and outward remittances for banks, adhering to the guidelines set by the Central Bank within the country adhering to Foreign Exchange Management Guidelines