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Our client here is a globally recognized insurance leader offering a comprehensive suite of coverage options, ranging from safeguarding businesses against risks to providing personal insurance solutions like home and auto protection. Their expertise extends into tailored insurance for other insurance companies and life insurance products for individuals. With a reputation for financial stability and experienced professionals carefully assessing risks, they stand as a major player in the insurance industry, serving clients across numerous countries and territories.

Overcoming Legacy File Management Challenges

The client was burdened by their reliance on an expensive legacy document management system. The high cost of license renewal, coupled with higher document retrieval times due to multiple hops, resulted in poor customer experience, making it an inefficient solution. They sought a cost-effective and flexible way to store, retrieve, and manage documents while ensuring seamless integration with their Azure cloud infrastructure and robust security to meet regulatory compliance.'s Solution: A Streamlined File-as-a-Service Approach

The client turned to (DNIO)’s cloud-native hyper-automation platform to address their document management challenges.’s flexibility and key features provided a tailored and cost-effective solution:

    • Seamless Cloud Integration: DNIO’s built-in connectors ensured smooth integration with the client’s existing Azure Blob storage, allowing them to leverage their cloud investment.
    • Simplified File Management:’s intuitive data service creation tools enabled the client to effortlessly model document metadata and incorporate document upload functionalities directly into their applications.
    • Security at the Core:’s robust document encryption with separate encryption/decryption keys reassured the client about data security within the highly regulated insurance industry.
    • API-First Design: Automatically generated APIs provided straightforward access to document metadata, facilitating integration with other systems and applications.
Streamlines File Management

Implementing’s File Management Solution

The client adopted a line-of-business (LOB)-focused approach, leveraging’s platform to establish tailored document management solutions. Each LOB customized data models, applications, and security configurations to meet their distinct requirements and streamline their document-related workflows..

  1. Needs Assessment: They started by evaluating their existing document management processes and the specific pain points within each Line of Business (LOB). This included identifying document types, metadata needs, security requirements, and integration points with other systems.
  3. DNIO Setup and Configuration:
    • Azure Integration: They linked their existing Azure Blob storage accounts with DNIO for each LOB, taking advantage of storage scalability and cost benefits.
    • Security: They established granular access controls (RBAC) to govern document access based on roles and responsibilities, ensuring data protection.
  5. Data Service Creation:
    • Queryable Metadata: DNIO’s data services automatically extract document metadata, enabling searchable attributes without the need for direct Azure Blob storage queries.
    • Document Upload Integration: Document upload functionality was enabled within the data services, linking them to their Azure Blob storage containers.
    • Encryption: Additionally document-level encryption was also enabled. Each LoB managed their encryption keys, enhancing the security of stored data.

The Results

  • Significant Cost Reduction: Additionally document-level encryption was also enabled. Each LoB managed their encryption keys, enhancing the security of stored data.
  • Increased Efficiency
    • Simplified Workflows: DNIO’s user-friendly interface and automation features streamlined document uploads, retrieval, and management for each LOB.
    • Direct Azure Integration: Seamless Azure Blob storage integration optimized document transfer processes.
  • Enhanced Security: Robust encryption and granular access controls (RBAC) strengthened data security, safeguarding sensitive information and ensuring regulatory compliance.
    • LOB-Specific Solutions: Each LOB could define their own document management requirements, leading to more efficient processes and quicker adaptations to changing needs.
    • Cloud-Based Architecture: DNIO, along with Azure Blob storage, offered flexibility and the ability to scale storage seamlessly as the client’s needs grew.

Key Outcomes

    • Significant cost savings: Eliminated expensive legacy licensing (FileNet) and reduced operational costs.
    • Streamlined workflows: Simplified document management processes across lines of business.
    • Enhanced security and compliance: Robust encryption, granular access controls, and detailed audit trails.
    • Improved agility and scalability: Enabled LOB-tailored solutions and flexible cloud storage.

Conclusion: Empowering Organizations with Modernized File Management Practices

The client faced the challenge of an inflexible and expensive legacy document management system that hampered efficiency and scalability. By partnering with DNIO, they implemented a customized file-as-a-service solution tailored to their Azure environment. DNIO’s platform provided intuitive tools for data modeling, seamless document storage and retrieval, robust encryption, and automatic API generation. This transformation resulted in significant cost savings, streamlined document-related workflows across Lines of Business, enhanced data security bolstering regulatory compliance, and increased adaptability due to a cloud-native architecture.

The client’s successful implementation highlights how DNIO’s flexible platform can empower organizations to modernize their document management practices while maintaining strict security and compliance standards. Click here to take a look at our DNIO platform.


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